The world of book marketing is constantly changing. Many factors influence the process of making writers and their books worthy of attention. To remain among the top-selling authors, one must not only research the book marketing landscape but also learn more about the latest trends in the niche.

The talent of many book authors is underappreciated due to an improper marketing strategy. They spend months, if not years, writing about things they enjoy. It is not uncommon for the completion of a book to prove to be the tipping point.

It makes the author wonder, "My book is finished. What should I do next?" When done correctly, book marketing will provide you with not only the right answers but also open the doors to the most promising markets.

What Is Book Marketing?

Book marketing is a type of professional activity focused on promoting book products to the market and meeting consumers' intellectual needs. The primary goals of such marketing include:

  • Researching the readership;
  • Research of the segment of the market of publications in which the book will be sold;
  • Finding sales markets for each product;
  • Entering these sales markets in the most efficient way possible.

Why is book marketing so important to an author?

  • It enables you to create a personal brand;
  • It creates a genuine reader base;
  • It enables you to understand the reader's behaviour;
  • It increases sales;
  • It boosts your authority in the niche.

What Makes a Good Book Marketing Campaign?

Conduct preliminary research to launch an effective marketing campaign. It is very different from the complex scientific one.

While extensive research can be delegated to professionals from essay review websites such as Best Essay Education, data preparation for book marketing can be completed on one's own. It entails the following steps.

Identification of Target Readers

You will sell more books if you know who your audience is. To determine it, ask the following questions:

  • Who are your readers?
  • How old are they?
  • What are their preferences?
  • What format is suitable for them?

Determining Your TR’ Needs

If you are an author of educational books consider how your material can be useful to students or lecturers. For example, whether they can be used in class or as a supplement before an exam.

Development of an Integrated Marketing Plan

This stage entails evaluating your product:

  • What sets it apart?
  • What makes it superior to similar products?
  • Consider distribution channels that are appropriate and relevant for your TR;
  • Choose a price that is appropriate for the book's topic and niche.

How Do I Market My Book in 2022?

Let's look at the top fifteen book marketing trends to use this year to succeed.

1. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a fantastic way to enjoy books. They are especially popular among students, whose eyes are frequently tired from excessive writing.

Non-students can benefit from audiobooks as well. They allow you to do both: listen to a favourite book while admiring the beauty of nature, or listen to the book while driving somewhere.

Audiobook sales have been steadily increasing. You should not pass up this opportunity either.

2. Children’s Books

Children's books will continue to be in high demand. If you write for kids, use diverse characters and focus on creating engaging adventures.

3. Use AI

AI assists the publishing industry in a variety of ways, including plagiarism detection, editing, translations, marketing, etc.

4. Use BookTok

BookTok is a great instrument to market your books in 2022. It can be used to:

  • Review a new book;
  • Share thoughts on new books in a short, convenient format;
  • Incorporate easily shared book-related video clips.

5. Do Not Forget About eBooks

Reading has changed format as a result of most users going online and using the Internet for shopping, entertainment, and work. People now prefer eBooks over paper books. They are simple to download and take up no physical space in your home.

6. Book Cost Increase

Inflation has had a wide range of effects on people's lives. Reading is no exception. The cost of paper has risen significantly, causing the book price to rise too.

7. Getting a Private Website

Before you finish writing a book, you can assist potential readers in finding you and becoming acquainted with your work. To do so, you must first create a personal website. As the release date approaches, you can build anticipation for your book by holding contests and handing out autographed free book certificates.

You can also post content on your website that encourages your target audience to subscribe to updates. If you launch your site about a year before the book's release date, you will have more time to build a large mailing list and boost your site's rating.

8. Concentrate On Direct Sales

Selling books directly through a personal website not only allows you to save money on specialist services and marketing campaigns but also allows you to get closer to your readers. For a dedicated reader, maintaining a conversation with you as a book author is far more exciting than communicating with retail sellers who know nothing of your creative art.

9. The Use of Inclusive Ads

In 2022, the advertising industry will focus on using inclusive advertising, book covers, and promotional materials.

10. Serialized Fiction

It is not a new trend to the general public. However, it is extremely popular among readers.

Many authors find that this type of book writing is an effective way of making money from their art. If the first book is a success, the reader will undoubtedly want to buy more to continue his reading adventure.

11. Look for Independent Publishers

Of course, a large publisher with a big name can publish your book. However, in this case, it will dictate to you many conditions and provide an impressive check for its work.

As a result, you should consider hiring the services of a small independent publisher. Small publishing houses are always willing to take risks and publish books in unknown genres by unknown authors.

12. Going Digital

When used correctly, all digital marketing tools work well. Do not be afraid to ask your readers for a subscription every time you sell a book. It will help you build a customer base that you can email before the release of a new book to offer discounts and share information about upcoming editions.

13. Increase in Wellness Genre

After being locked for a long time, people are now focusing on the wellness genre, providing insights on how to improve physical, mental, and emotional health.

14. Book Summary Platforms

Readers often want to know what to expect from the new edition before purchasing a book. As an author, you can take advantage of this by providing your audience with brief information straight from the source on your website.

15. Work with Book Influencers

Book influencers are well-known for their enormous popularity and fan base. They can be powerful sales drivers for your books.


As you can see, the publishing industry is far from dead. Rather than harming business, the pandemic has aided its development and increased sales of both classic and modern books.